Spring / Fall Tour Tour

2019 Spring Tour

Wolfeboro Inn, New Hampshire

What happens when you mix a beautiful spring day, 100 friends, 50 Porsches and drive that includes the Kancamagus highway on the way to a scenic lunch venue…..a great spring tour! The Spring Tour was based at the Wolfeboro Inn in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. All the rooms at the Inn were taken up by tour participants. On Friday afternoon, the lobby was bustling with many from our group arriving. I really enjoy tours and especially this time of the tour. This is when you meet up with friends you haven’t seen since the fall time. And get to meet future friends who have come on their first tour. A group of us decided to explore the village of Wolfeboro. The town of Wolfeboro is a picturesque lakeside village brimming with boutiques, galleries, restaurants and micro-breweries.

2019SpringTour - DSC_0613.jpg
Wolfboro Inn parking lot and Porsches – Photo by Alan Davis

Saturday was “tour day”.   Following a hearty breakfast, we had our orientation meeting with the drivers and navigators, after which we started the driving part of our tour weekend.  Our tour route was 109 miles to our lunch stop at the White Mountain Hotel in North Conway, N.H. The route took us through the Lake Winnipesaukee region and the world-renowned Kancamagus highway.  The tour had a great representation from the Porsche line.  The group included a beautiful assortment of 911s, 944s, 968, Boxsters, Caymans, a Macan and a Cayenne S.

We took a midway break to stretch our legs at a McDonalds in Plymouth, New Hampshire.  We caused a small traffic jam with local area residents stopping to take pictures and all were curious as to where we were from and where we were headed. After our short break we “saddled up” and started on the second half of our tour on the Kancamagus highway.

The Kancamagus is a scenic byway that cuts a path through the White Mountains. (The highway is a one-lane road in each direction.) Along the byway, we experienced hairpin curves and the road ascended to the elevation of 2,855 ft. On our tour in May, there was still snow on the side of the road.  If you have never driven the Kancamagus you need to add it to your bucket list. Phil and I have driven it numerous times, all seasons and each time you’ll find something you never saw before.  It is just beautiful.

2019SpringTour - DSC_0604.jpg
White Mountain Hotel parking lot and some more Porsches – Photo by Alan Davis

Our lunch stop was the White Mountain Hotel.  We were served a tasty lunch and had panoramic views of the White Mountains.  Saturday night was the Tour dinner where we get to socialize and catch up with everyone.  The dinner is the wrap up for the Tour.  It still amazes me on how fast the weekend flies by. It seemed that we just unpacked the suitcase and now it is time to pack up again and head home.

Come join us on the next Spring Tour. It is a great time to meet new friends and drive your Porsche. And as usual, thank you Caroline and Alan Davis, for all their help in making this tour possible!

2019SpringTour - DSC_0615.jpg
Resting up for the next tour – Photo by Alan Davis

Safe Travels,
Maria Capella – CVR Tour Chair

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