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2021 Rally Season Results

On Sunday September 12, 2021 we held the Fall Rally. The event took place on the winding country roads between Avon and Glastonbury. The event started at Dom’s Coffee in Avon and ended at The Beamhouse in Glastonbury.

The Rally was divided among 3 sections. 2 sections were photo identification where we asked teams to identify the scene in a photo along the route. As a special theme, 1 whole section had photos of only barns. This really tested the team’s observation abilities. The final section was gimmick navigation where the instructions contained traps.

Overall, we had a great turnout with 17 teams participating in the event. The event was a great cap to the end of another busy Rally season. Below are the results for the top 10 teams in the Fall Rally.

There were a total of 150 possible points and the top teams managed to grab nearly all of them. Congratulations to all of the winners.

Since Zach and Melissa Little also won the Spring Rally, they have won the Rallyists of the Year Award. This is an annual award given out to the top scoring team across all of the year’s scored events. Their names will be engraved on the plaque alongside former recipients and they will retain the plaque for the coming year.

The Next Chapter

The 2021 Fall Rally marks the last event that Christine and I will be running as Rally Chairs. We have had a great time designing routes and thinking up ways to keep teams on their toes. We’ve also met a really great group of amazing members along the way. We want to take the time to thank everyone for coming out and enjoying the events that we put together.

As far as Rally going forward, we don’t have a successor lined up. Christine and I will be moving on to other roles within the club but we are looking to train anyone who is interested in taking over. While the events we ran were detailed and complex, the incoming Rally Chair can set the format or level of complexity. If desired, events could be run as only “Photo Identification” such as our Ice Cream Social Distancing Rally. It would really be up to the Rally Chair. Christine and I would be able to help onboard any interested individual. Please let us know if you or anyone you know would be interested in this position.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the dedicated volunteers who have helped us from the first day that we started as Rally Chairs. As with all events in CVR, they are such a success due to the tireless and continued support of the volunteer members. In Rally, it is often much more than just the day of the event. We consistently received assistance in scouting roads, checking materials and visiting host locations. We couldn’t have done it without their help and we sincerely appreciate it.

We look forward to seeing everyone at a future CVR event.

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