PCA Club Racing Defined

The PCA Club Racing Program is designed to be fun, safe, and competitive! It is governed at the PCA National Level such that good sportsmanship, honesty, and a sense of fair play prevail. PCA Club Racing offers drivers a chance to test their competitive driving skills in actual wheel-to-wheel competition. PCA Club Racing Rules are strictly enforced to discourage contact and rough driving such that racers participate in a highly competitive but clean racing series. Only Porsches may compete in PCA Club Racing. There are two categories of cars:

1. Stock Classes which are essentially street cars with minimal modifications, and

2. Modified Classes are comprised of extensively modified street cars or factory race cars. CVR is a Club Race plank holder, having hosted a race at Lime Rock Park every year since the start of PCA Club  Racing. Members without an existing competition license must apply for and attend the PCA Club Racing School. The application requires that:

“Any PCA member may apply for a Club Racing license once he or she meets the criteria set forth in the PCA Licensing Procedure in the Club Racing Rule Book (available online at PCA.org). There are currently about 2,000 licensed Club Racers in the United States and Canada.”

A. The applicant must present evidence of having completed twelve or more days of Driver Education events or racetrack driving training, time trials, race schools, or equivalent events within the past 24 months, and

B. The applicant must provide a signed certification from his/her sanctioning body’s Chief Instructor or equivalent. With these requirements fulfilled, the applicant will then be permitted to attend the Club Racing School. Upon successful completion of a Club Racing School, the member will be granted a PCA Club Racing Rookie License. After successful completion of four (4) incident-free events within two years, the member will be granted a Full License.