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Thank you for your interest in advertising on CHALLENGE – the monthly magazine for the Connecticut Valley Region of the Porsche Club of America. For a PDF of this information, please click here.

Our Audience

Why advertise in CHALLENGE?

Today it is more important than ever to target the right consumer for the right product. If your company or client produces high-quality products or offers services appropriate for people who own Porsches, it is worth your time to explore the advertising possibilities offered by CHALLENGE, the award-winning magazine of the Connecticut Valley Region of the Porsche Club of America.

Who are CHALLENGE readers?

CHALLENGE is distributed in digital format to members of the Connecticut Valley Region of the Porsche Club of America, all of whom own at least one Porsche — the first requirement for CVR/PCA membership. Many members own more than one Porsche. Income spread shows that 88% of CHALLENGE subscribers have household incomes over $100,000, 57% exceed $150,000, and 29% of them have an HHI exceeding $250,000.

Target audience coverage

While CHALLENGE subscribers are avid Porsche enthusiasts eager to absorb everything published about their favorite marque, our readers rely on CHALLENGE as a source of Porsche- and CVR-related information.


One-hundred percent of CHALLENGE subscribers are at dead center of the high-end automobile owner target group. Because every reader is an owner-user, there is zero waste circulation.

CHALLENGE’s average subscriber is a prime aftermarket automotive consumer who is intensely interested in making intelligent choices about automotive consumables like parts, services, accessories, tires, gasoline, oil, filters and other car care products that will preserve the life of his or her Porsche. CVR members’ interest in and choice of Porsche cars and sports utility vehicles for personal transportation needs is a potent indicator of their appreciation for quality in the things they buy, which extends beyond the automotive category.

Intense involvement

CHALLENGE readers to have not only an intense involvement with their vehicles, but also a reliance on the magazine to provide them with the necessary information to further their enjoyment of their cars. The CHALLENGE reader profile describes a discriminating, active consumer whose income permits the purchase of top quality products.

For additional information please contact Mike Appel, CVR’s Advertising Director, using the form at the bottom of the page.

Advertising Rates

For Advertisers who sign an annual contract, advertising in CHALLENGE is $600 for 2022 and will be prorated ($50 per month) from the time an Advertiser commits through the end of the year.

Acceptable Sizes

IAB Ad UnitDimensionsInitial File SizeMax File SizeAnimationLooping
Medium Rectangle300×25025k40k15 sec3 times
Leaderboard728×9025k40k15 sec3 times
Small Rectangle300×15025k40k15 sec3 times

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