Driving Tours

Driving Tours have grown to become the most popular event in PCA and now total more events than Driver Education, Autocross and Tech Ed combined! Driving Tours are non-competitive events where participants join other Porsche owners for a leisurely drive on a “Porsche Road” (scenic and curvy) to an interesting location where you can socialize with other participants.

We have two types of touring events, Coffee Runs and Overnight Weekend Tours.

Coffee Runs

Coffee Runs are typically half-day events, either Saturday or Sunday morning, where participants drive on scenic country roads as a group. Coffee Runs are held in the Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas. The Coffee Runs have no fee and offer a great opportunity for new members to participate in their first event. It is often heard that someone’s first CVR event was a Coffee Run. Besides driving Porsches on scenic and curvy roads, the emphasis is on having opportunities to socialize with fellow club members.

Please note that drivers participating in Coffee Runs must be 18 years or older. Coffee Runs hosted by James Ball use only the “RidewithGPS” app. His runs do not include written instructions. Other Coffee Runs include written instructions.

The RidewithGPS app provides turn-by-turn directions on your smartphone. The details on how to set up the app can be found HERE.

Trivia: The term “Coffee Run” came about many years ago when an article about one of the half-day runs published in CVR’s magazine, Challenge, had a picture of someone with a cup of coffee at the drivers’ meeting, and the term “Coffee Run” was born.

Kringle Candle Coffee Run – Credit: John Collins & Steve Tougias

Overnight Weekend Tour

We typically have a tour in the spring and fall. The weekend starts with the participants arriving at the hotel on Friday night. There is a group breakfast on Saturday morning. Prior to the driving tour, there is a driver/navigator meeting where detailed route directions are provided and discussed. The tour consists of traveling along Porsche roads (mostly scenic country roads with lots of curves) to a group lunch venue. The participants have the afternoon on their own to explore on their way back to the hotel. Saturday evening there is a group dinner. The tour ends with another group breakfast on Sunday morning. The weekend tours take advantage of the great driving roads in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

Driving Tour Start Video at Orchards Hotel – Credit: Orchards Hotel
Thank you to the Williamstown, MA police department for stopping traffic for the start of the driving tour.


RidewithGPS navigation phone app

Through the generosity of Hagerty Insurance a RidewithGPS navigation app club account is available to all CVR members.

The RidewithGPS app provides turn-by-turn directions on your smartphone. The details on how to set up the app can be found HERE.

Important Note(s):
Please complete all the setup steps below prior to the Coffee Run or Tour that will be using the app (it will take a few days to get through the membership approval process). It will not be possible to set it up the morning of the event. Routes will typically be available for downloading from the app a few days prior to the event till the day of the event.

PCA Driving Tour Standard Briefing

PCA has developed standards for driving tours that have to be followed by the regions in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.  Please review the standards we follow – click here.


Driving Tour Chair: Allen Fossbender –