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If you are looking for coverage of the CVR PCA Club Race at Lime Rock Park in April 2021, please click here.

PCA Club Racing
The PCA Club Racing Program is designed to be fun, safe and competitive! It is governed at the PCA National Level such that good sportsmanship, honesty, and a sense of fair play prevail.

PCA Club Racing offers a chance to test your competitive driving skills in actual wheel-to-wheel competition; down the straights, when making late breaking moves into a corner, and essentially anywhere else on track. That said, PCA Club Racing Rules are strictly enforced to discourage contact and rough driving such that racers participate in a highly competitive but clean racing series.

Established in 1992, PCA Club Racing is based on the premise that every Porsche is a good race car and can be grouped into categories for competitive racing against similar Porsches. There are two categories of cars:
1) Stock Classes which are essentially street cars with minimal modifications
2) Modified Classes which are comprised of extensively modified street cars, or factory race cars.

CVR is a Club Race plank holder having hosted a race at Lime Rock Park every year since the start of PCA Club Racing. In 2015, twenty-nine (29) PCA Club Races are scheduled at different tracks across the United States and Canada.

Required Car and Driver Safety Equipment
Car Safety equipment & requirements include:
– Roll bar or roll cage meeting the minimum specs for the specific class
– 5- or 6-point harness with proper seat
– Fire extinguisher
– Window net
– External cut-off switch (can be installed internally, with an external pull wire)
– Transponder (for timing & Scoring)

Driver Safety equipment includes:
– Snell 2010 SA or newer helmet (see PCA Club Racing Rules for further details)
– Fire retardant shoes, gloves, and one-piece driving suit
– Head and neck restraint (such as a HANS Device) certified as meeting the standards; of either SFI 38.1 or FIA 88.

Getting Started
All participants in a PCA Club Race must hold a current PCA Club Racing License. Members without an existing competition license must apply for and attend the PCA Club Racing School. The application requires that: A) The applicant present evidence of having completed twelve (12) or more days of Drivers Education events or race track driving training, time trials, race schools or equivalent events within the past 24 months, and B) The applicant must provide a signed certification from his/her sanctioning body’s Chief Instructor or equivalent. More information on PCA Racing Rules and licensing Policy can be found at

Club Race Director: Mark Lewis –