Contributing Photographs or Video Content

Thank you for your interest in submitting photos and videos to Challenge for review.  

General Guidelines for All Content

Photos or videos submitted to Challenge may not contain any personally identifiable information without the subject’s express written consent via a signed release. Specific information that may not be included includes the phone number, personal email addresses, and town of residence. If you are captioning a photo, you must have the permission of the people in the photo to use their last names; if not, you may use only the first name and last initial.

Photo / Video Submission Guidelines

Original Work: All photos submitted to Challenge must be the original work of the submitting photographer. Permission to run your content on Challenge must include your guarantee that the images or video you are submitting are your original work. If a photographer submits photos for use in Challenge with written permission and said photgraphs(s) are not original work, the writer is subject to legal consequences and damages.

Image and Video Requirements

General Requirements: Image Galleries / Photo Essays should contain at least 25 to 30 images. Current photo contributors can log into their Challenge account and upload photos directly to their folders. New contributors must submit their photos or videos to our Photo Club Chair ( via links to a Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar. Images or videos that show vehicles participating in DE, AutoX, or other Track Events must have the license plate blurred or removed. Images or videos that show vehicles participating in non-track events are exempt from this requirement. As an online magazine, Challenge no longer accepts photos by mail.

Image-specific Requirements:

  • Preferred Orientation: Landscape
  • Width:
    • 800 pixels minimum width, 1000 pixels maximum width
  • Form Factor: 3:2 (DSLR standard)
  • Format: JPG/JPEG
  • Resolution: 72 DPI
  • File Size:
    • 80 KB Minimum
    • 150 KB Maximum

Video-specific Requirements:

  • Preferred Orientation: Landscape
  • Form Factor: Either 4:3 (Standard) or 16:9 (Widescreen)
  • Resolution: 720p Minimum / 1080p Preferred
  • Format: MP4
  • Max File Size: 69MB

Legal: Photos and videos (media) that accompany articles must be owned by and authorized for use by the author. Authors must provide a written guarantee that the media they provide belongs to them or that they have full authority to use media in association with their articles. If media is from a third-party photographer or website, the writer must provide permission in writing from the source that authorizes the writer and Challenge to use said media. Writers who submit media for use in Challenge that does not have the proper authority to use said art will be subject to legal damages.

Please contact our Photography Chair directly at for additional details.