Monthly Meetings

So what’s the Programs portion of CVR all about?

Starting in January and occurring every month through October the programs team puts together monthly meetings that take place at various host locations throughout the state of Connecticut. The hosts for our meetings are usually Porsche-related businesses and dealerships that offer goods and services that would be of interest to the membership and have typically supported the club and its activities for years. 

Notification of an upcoming monthly meeting is emailed 2-3 weeks prior to the event. We’ll ask you to register for the event to be certain to have enough chairs and food for everyone. These events are for PCA members so you’ll need your PCA number to register. You are allowed to bring a non-member guest or two but you’ll need to register them as well. We love to see young people in attendance so feel free to bring your son or daughter. Meetings are generally held during the evening hours of a weeknight. 

Our meetings typically start with Dinner and socialization. We gather at the host location and everyone has ample time to check out the site and any projects that may be on display. You’ll also enjoy a nice meal courtesy of our generous host as well as plenty of time to socialize with your fellow CVRers. Socialization is the main goal of the monthly meeting. We want to encourage the membership to mingle and get to know each other. Many great friendships have been formed this way. 

With dinner enjoyed and conversation complete, it is time to start the meeting. The group takes their seats and the meeting kicks off. After saying hello we introduce our Host who will then give us an overview of current happenings at their location.

We then move on to a brief business meeting where the membership will hear updates from the CVR activity chairs and details on upcoming events found on the CVR calendar. We conclude the business portion of the meeting by introducing any new members who are in attendance and then cover something we affectionally refer to as “The Mart”. Here, we will ask those in attendance to share anything they might have for sale and they can offer their valuables to the buying attendees right there at the meeting! 

Next up is the “The Program portion” of the meeting. Most monthly meetings feature a presentation on a subject related to the Porsche ownership experience. Topics covered are wide and varied and appeal to everyone such as Technical (Maintenance, Restorations), Car care (Tires, Paint, Gasoline, Products), Special speakers (Racers, Historians), and of course, Porsche cars (Collectible, New models, New programs). Most presentations conclude with a question and answer period. Once the presentation is completed we often have door prizes donated by the sponsor and some lucky members go home with a little something extra to commemorate the event. You’ll be home at a reasonable hour as a monthly meeting typically runs 2 hours in length.

Programs are yet another way to enrich a member’s PCA/CVR experience. 

V.P., Program: Jeff Coe –