Rally is a fun and competitive event that takes place on public roads with the objective of following a course. Rally is a collaborative activity that requires little equipment to get started. All you need besides your Porsche is a driver, navigator, clipboard and pencil.

Gimmick rallies are about following the course that has been laid out by the Rallymasters, generally on roads that are scenic or fun to drive. The navigational instructions will include tricks or traps to try to throw off participants and are precise. Often times additional activities will be provided during the course which involve trivia, puzzles, photography identification or challenges. Participants are awarded points for correct answers and markers which indicate traveling on the correct routes during the rally. The team with the highest points total at the end of each rally wins.

Time Speed Distance (TSD) rallies have the objective of not only following the Rallymasters’ course, but doing it to a defined average speed at or below the local speed limits. For TSD rallies you will also need a stopwatch or stopwatch functionality; most smartphones and many modern watches have this feature. The objective is to stay on course and pass the checkpoints at exactly the correct time based on the speeds given in the instructions.

All rallies will end at a restaurant/inn where the scoring is tabulated and awards are given for the podium winners. Points are cumulative for the calendar year and the rally team with the highest combined total are awarded the “Rallyists of the Year” which is presented at the annual awards banquet in the Fall.

Course following or Gimmick Rally Basics

Time-Speed-Distance Rally Basics

The position of Rally Chair is open.  If you are interested in volunteering for the position, please contact Shelley Krohnengold at cvrpresident@cvrpca.org.