Activity Chairs – Board Members


President Shelley Krohnengold Officer
Past President Allen Fossbender Officer
Executive Vice President Don Phelan Officer
Vice President Autocross Paul Kudra Officer
Vice President Driver Education David Vaccaro Officer
Vice President Programs Jeffrey Coe Officer
Secretary Chris Toussaint Officer
Treasurer Tim Beckwith Officer
Vice Treasurer Lisa Parker Officer
Driver Education Vice Treasurer Susan Vaccaro Officer
PCA Club Race Registrar Lisa Parker Officer



Autocross Chief Instructor Ed Bogue  
Autocross Chief of Control Brian Fournier  
Autocross Registrar Rob Bosco  
Autocross Safety Scott Sylvester  
Autocross Chief of Control Brian Fournier  
Challenge Advertising Mike Appel  
Challenge Assistant Editor Susan Vaccaro  
Challenge Editor in Chief Caroline Abba Board Member
Club Race Joe Kunecki  
Coffee Runs James Ball Board Member
Community Service Lynn Keller Board Member
Concours Michael Keller
Rob Keller
Board Member
CVR Club Race Assistants Caroline Abba
Don Phelan (Sponsorship)
Frank Sena (Sponsorship)
CVR Club Race Volunteer Coordinator Open  
CVR Store Joe Kunecki Board Member
DE Chief Instructor Chuck Veth  
DE Instructor Development Rick Canter
Magnus Evertson
DE Registrar Mark Lewis  
DE Assistant Track Chair Todd Pajonas  
DE Co-Chief Stewardd Michael Rauscher
Eric Brown
Fall Tourmeisters (2023) Karen & Tom Russell (Fall Tour)  
Historian Linda Goodman Board Member
Membership Lisa Parker Board Member
Name Badges Lynn Keller  
Nominating Committee Paul Kudra
Robert Napoletano
Lisa Parker
Nominating Committee Chair Allen Fossbender, Chair Board Member
Photography Chair Paul Roth Board Member
Programs Assistant Valerie Moritz  
Rallymeister (Tours) Open Board Member
Safety William Klancko Board Member
Special Events Caroline & Alan Davis Board Member
Technical Chair Daniel Jacobs Board Member
Tourmeister Assistants Caroline & Alan Davis  
Coffee Runs Organizers John Collins
Steve Tougias
Rich Adua
Mark Mahoney
Theo O’Neill
Webmaster Charles Letouzey Board Member