Contributing Written Content to Challenge

Thank you for your interest in submitting content to CHALLENGE for review. Please note: Any material you submit will not be returned. CHALLENGE rarely uses unsolicited ideas, however, you may submit your idea based on the following guidelines and your material will be reviewed. 

General Guidelines for All Content

All content on CHALLENGE, whether written as part of a monthly column, a feature story, or a photo gallery, shall not contain any personally identifiable information regarding any member without that member’s express written consent. Information that may not be included includes the phone number, personal email addresses, and town of residence. If you are captioning a photo, you must have the permission of the people in the photo to use their last names; if not, you may use first name and last initial.

Submission Guidelines

Story ideas for our consideration should be submitted via the form at the bottom of this page, be approximately one page in length and accompanied by links to recent writing samples. Your submission should explain the idea for the piece, tell us how you would approach it as a writer, give some sense of your writing style, and mention the section of CHALLENGE for which the piece is intended. Your samples should not include the actual story that you are proposing, except in the case of personal essays, which should be submitted in full. Keep in mind that your story must also conform to the General Guidelines for All Content (above).

Feature articles should be approximately 1000-1200 words. For image and video requirements, please click here. Contributors are contacted upon acceptance only. CHALLENGE works on a 1-month lead time.

Submissions Accepted By Submission Form Only: Once we have accepted your proposal, your query and/or manuscript should be saved as an attachment in a word document and be sent to the email provided. Please do not include articles in the body of your submission. CHALLENGE editors no longer type in author articles however we reserve the right to edit writer content for spelling, grammar, style and format.

Original Work: All articles submitted to CHALLENGE must be the original work of the submitting author. Permission to run your content on CHALLENGE must include your guarantee that the article, images or video you are submitting are your original work. If a writer submits articles for use in CHALLENGE with written permission and said article(s) are not original work, the writer is subject to legal consequences and damages.

Features and departments cover the following categories:

  • Technical or How To articles
  • Concours Events / Car Show Reviews
  • Road Trips
  • Driving Events
  • Porsche Style
  • General Interest

CHALLENGE does not accept queries by fax, so please use the form below to send us your story ideas: