Letter From CVR Race Director

PCA Club Racers, PCA Members, and friends,

Welcome to CVR’s 32nd Club Race!  We are pleased to have Porsche Danbury host this year’s Racing Into
Spring at Lime Rock Park.  Starting the weekend off with 3 practice sessions and qualifying, the event will
be topped off with twelve exciting fun-filled, and action-packed sprint races on Saturday.

On behalf of the Connecticut Valley Region Club Race Committee and Board of Directors, I want to thank
you for your participation in CVR 32nd Racing into Spring Club Race. Whether this is  your first race at
Lime Rock Park, or you have participated in past events, thank you for your support.

During the weekend, please take a moment of your time to thank the many CVR volunteers, and corner
workers.  A big shout out also goes to the PCA National Club Race staff – the stewards, scrutineers, and
timing techs – who have traveled from all over the country to provide insight, expertise, and
leadership.   Please also recognize and thank our national and local sponsors.  With the financial support
of our sponsors and the hard work of all the volunteers, this event is possible!!!

Enjoy the rest of your race season and we hope to see you next year when we celebrate 33 years of
Connecticut Valley Region Club Racing Into Spring at Lime Rock Park.

Until then, keep looking ahead and execute through those twisty turns in life with health and happiness!

Be safe and have fun!

Lisa J. Parker
CVR Club Race Director/Race Registrar