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2022 CVR People’s Choice Concours – 49 Years and Counting!

Dense fog created a majestic start to this year’s Concours. Once the sun emerged, the field populated quickly and class counts were at historic highs. There was a tremendous representation of all types of Porsches, especially in the 911 SC/Carrera, 996, and 991 groups. In total, we positioned nearly 140 Porsches on the field, which by our count, was record attendance.

Early morning assembly. Photo Credit: Paul Roth
GT3s slice through the fog. Photo Credit: Paul Roth

For this year’s event, we celebrated two milestones – 25 years of the Porsche Boxster and 30 years of the Porsche 968. The Concours featured an impressive selection of both models, which are highlighted below.

Porsche 968 Special Display

1992968 CoupeShelley Krohnengold
1992968 CoupeMichael Tumbarello
1992968 CabrioletJeff Coe
1994968 CoupeMike Schiavoni
1994968 ROW CoupeLynn & Rob Keller
1995986 CoupeMichael Kaleda
1995968 CoupeJeff Coe
Transaxles align! Photo Credit: Paul Roth
Rear quarters only. Photo Credit: Mike Keller

Porsche Boxster Special Display

1997BoxsterRyan Thorp
1998BoxsterDave Morin
1999BoxsterJules Poirier
1999BoxsterVictor Traeger
2000Boxster SGreg Mendoza
2001BoxsterPaul Mongillo
2001BoxsterLon Hultgren
2001Boxster SFrank Sena
2003Boxster SLinda Goodman
2004Boxster SKevin Fitzgerald
2004Boxster S 550 Spyder Ed.Rob Bosco
2005BoxsterGeoffrey Muggleton
2005Boxster SWilliam Sigworth
2006BoxsterAaron Lenehan
2006BoxsterCurtis Casey
2008Boxster SJason OBrien
2011Boxster SpyderDennis Fiore
2013BoxsterPaul Roth
2013Boxster SJohn Pellegrino
2014BoxsterJason Martin
2015Boxster SBruce Lauzier
2016Boxster SpyderRick Parks
2018718 Boxster GTSRichard Sartor
2021Boxster 25 YearsBob Napoletano
2022Boxster 25 YearsJudith Rhodes
2022718 BoxsterRob Leder
2022718 Boxster GTS 4.0Larry DeBurro
Boxsters en masse. Photo Credit: Bob Reinckens

And now for the class winners…

People’s Choice Concours Results

Class 1 – 356
1st Place1965 356C CoupeWilliam Hare
2nd Place1963 356B Carrera 2000 GSWilliam Plummer
3rd Place1958 356A Hardtop CabrioletToni Fishman
Class 2 – Early 911/912/914
1st Place1973 911TCharlie Mayer
2nd Place1969 911TJohn Rhine
3rd Place1974 914 2.0Paul Kudra
Finalist1969 912Marc Rousset
Class 3 – 911 SC & Carrera
1st Place1989 Carrera CoupeJim Martin
2nd Place1981 911 SC Targa (Euro)Noelle Talmon
3rd Place (Tie)1988 Carrera CoupeJoe Pampel
3rd Place (Tie)1978 911 SC Coupe (Modified)Paden Teddick
Class 4 – 964/993
1st Place1991 964 C2 Coupe (Modified)Brett Sloan
2nd Place1998 993 Carrera SJoe Beaudoin
3rd Place1990 964 C4 CoupeWilliam Platt
Finalist1990 964 C4 TargaRob Keller
Class 5 – 996
1st Place2003 996 GT2Roger & Mary Funk
2nd Place2003 996 Turbo X-50Mickey Koleszar
3rd Place2001 996 TurboDan Cruz
Finalist2002 996 Carrera 4 CabrioletBob Emory
Class 6 – 997
1st Place2009 997 Carrera S CabrioletMike Hopkins
2nd Place2009 997 Carrera 4S CabrioletJoe Macauto
3rd Place2007 997 Carrera 2Ralph Pulver
Finalist2006 997 Carrera CabrioletJohn Cruz
Class 7 – 991
1st Place2014 991 50th AnniversaryAllen Fossbender
2nd Place2018 991 GT3Jason Hellmann
3rd Place2018 991 GT3Michael Janiszewski
Finalist2017 991 Targa 4 GTSJerry Charlup
Class 8 – 992
1st Place2022 992 GTSPeter Ceulemans
2nd Place2022 992 GT3Richard Schoenfeld
3rd Place2020 992 Carrera 4SDiana Cooper
Finalist2021 992 Carrera S CabrioletRalph Volpe
Class 9 – 928/924/944
1st Place1993 928 GTSEdward Pilpel
2nd Place1989 944 (951) Turbo RSEric Frohman
3rd Place1986 944Mike Keller
Finalist1988 944 TurboMike Marra
Class 10 – Cayman
1st Place2016 Cayman GT4Richard Simonich
2nd Place2022 718 Cayman GTS 4.0Jim White
3rd Place2007 Cayman (Modified)Joseph Hansen
Finalist2015 CaymanMike Appel
Class 11 – Cayenne/Macan/Panamera/Taycan
1st Place2010 Cayenne S TranssyberiaRob Lourenco
2nd Place2022 Panamera 4SChris Poythress
3rd Place2022 Macan GTSRoger Funk
Finalist2016 Macan TurboWalt Hyjek
Photo Credit: Bob Reinckens

Concours Co-Chair, Rob Keller, presents Jim Martin with the 2022 Ernst Benzien Award.
Photo Credit: Paul Roth
Roger Funk receives the 2022 Mary Ann & Jim Newton Concours Award.
Photo Credit: Paul Roth

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in and joined the Concours. Our volunteer team was essential to the event’s success and flawless execution. And our members’ enthusiasm and camaraderie were paramount to making this yet another annual favorite.

See you all next year!

Basking in the sun. Photo Credit: Bob Reinckens

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  1. This was our first CVR Concours and we had a wonderful time. The venue was gorgeous with all of the fall colors blazing in the sun. As Boxster owners, it was nice to see so many of them in one place. Thanks to the Kellers and their committee for organizing the event so well. We will definitely come back next year.

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