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2023 Annual Member Sampler

Connecticut Valley Region hosted the annual “Member Sampler” at the Wyndham Hotel in Southbury on Saturday, May 6. The event was a success with over 60 new and not-so-new members in attendance.

Special thanks to our Member Sampler Sponsors, Automobilia, F&W Equipment, Hairy Dog Grrrage, Billings Media Blasting, and Piloti. 

We began the session at 9:00 with a warm welcome from Membership Chair Lisa Parker, to all attendees and opening remarks from CVR’s President, Shelley Krohnengold.  CVR’s Historian Linda Goodman provided an overview of PCA’s history, which was very informative, showcasing all of PCA’s activities and events.   All attendees had the opportunity to get up-close and personal with all of the CVR activity chairs, to gain a better understanding of each activity. We hope that the Activity Chair presentations and displays heightened the awareness of what CVR offers its members and family. Many thanks to CVR’s Concours Chair Mike Keller for coordinating the People’s Choice Concours.  Each participant drove their Porsche to the event to showcase it for the People’s Choice Concours.  The parking lot was filled with a beautiful array of Porsches. Congratulations to the following individuals who won the People’s Choice Concours:

1st Place: Bruce MacMillian – 1960 356 B Roadster

2nd Place: Michael Watras – 2018 991 Turbo S Exclusive Series

3rd Place: Ron Frate – 2023 992 GT3                                

For those of you who won one of the many door prizes, congratulations!

Many thanks to the CVR activity chairs as they continuously afford an excellent experience to all members of Connecticut Valley Region PCA.  The volunteers that dedicate their time do a terrific job because it is enjoyable, and it is exciting to interact with the members that are loyal to the Porsche marque.  Really, it’s not just the cars, it’s the people. 

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