Community Service

Community Service – Spring 2019

CVR Members Care

For the past several years, Dan Jacobs, Hairy Dog Grrrage has hosted the June Monthly Meeting, serving up some tasty picnic treats, as well as holding a food drive, in support of its favorite charity, Spooner House.

During this event, CVR/PCA has also made a generous contribution from its
Community Service program to supplement the food donations.

It’s that time of year again when CVR proves “It’s not just the cars, it’s
the people.”

Please join us on Tuesday, June 11th as we once again show our support
for this worthy cause, by bringing non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies
and paper products, to the June Monthly Meeting, hosted by Dan Jacobs’ Hairy Dog Grrrage.

Remember, a raffle ticket will be issued for each food item that you bring.
The raffle drawing will be held the same evening and will present a host of prizes.

For further information please contact: Jeff Coe at or Susan Young at

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