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June 2023 Notes from the Shopkeeper: The CVR Store – Catching Up

Hello fellow shoppers! 

This has been a busy time for the CVR Store, with several big events over the past few weeks. It was great to see everyone at the Club Race, as well as the CVR Sampler. While it would be nice to say we have had a chance to rest a bit, things just keep rolling on. 

This is possibly the busiest time of the year for the CVR Store. We recently said goodbye to the 2022 CVR Limited Edition Collection and are now starting to work on the 2023 Limited Edition Collection. We are looking to roll it out in the near future and it will be celebrating a very important anniversary in the Porsche world. 

Just before the 2023 Club Race, we rolled out the 2023 Club Race Collection. This is a great collection of gear that will help you relive the excitement of Club Race. If you are one of great race volunteers, we specifically chose the colors of the items to ensure they can be worn if you are working on a flag station. Be sure to order your favorite items before they go away!

Happy Shopping!

Best regards,

The Shopkeeper

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  1. Allan D walker sr

    Need name badges. How do I go about that?

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